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Post  Miladdinho on Wed Dec 16, 2009 2:42 pm

Name: Milad Shamohammad

Age: 17

How Many Hours Can You Play: I can play about 7 hours on weekdays and on the weekends till when ever.

Time Zone: Europe, Norway, GMT +1

Describe Yourself, Briefly: Currently in high school, got high grades at school and I show a lot of respect and friendship towards other people. 17 years of age, have many friends because I'm not a slacker or mean to anyone. I love soccer and play it a lot. I train up to 13-14 times every week. So sitting in front of my PC and maple, helps me relax.

Why Do You Want to Be GM: I know I am right for this job because I am very serious about the work I do and am very dedicated. You can't be too serious that would be no fun, so yes you should be able to have some fun along the road. I know the commands, as i got a handbook for GM commands; I understand how to help someone on where to train for certain levels, or where to find an item, where to find a NPC, how to make Maplestory fun. I usually make daily rounds around the maps for many reasons. Catch hackers and report them or just to make sure there are no problems on the maps.
It's really hard to make me mad, since I do believe this is the internet o.o. Which is logical and one shouldn't get heated over another. Harsh words no matter what they say and, it’s a job of course weather your paid or not you. If I have a chance even a little chance to help people I will no matter what do it, I've seen people go out of their way to help others, I've even seen how other kids like to hurt others. I have more experience than most people I know, I spent most of my life learning everything I know about the computer, and a lot from my father, you could say I'm a huge sexy nerd . You should always show respect to everyone.

Will you abuse your powers as a GM: As the saying goes, power corrupts; and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Regardless of which position I find myself in or stumble into, my self-taught principles as listed above, will enable me to lead myself with honorable intent and modesty; which will in turn allow me to lead others in an excellent manner. That makes it a no.
(PST: Why do something that may get you demoted, when you want to be GM?)

How Many Servers You Been GM on: I've had quite a few GM experience in maple private servers. One of my favorite server was AngeloStory, eventually it got shutdown because of Nexon. I was GM level 4. I had SS’s of the server and stuff, but somehow I have lost it. And Ive also been GM on HarukiMS which got shutdown after 9 months.
And I possess experience pertaining to the utilitarian and administrative duties, as well as the demeanor required of a GM. Though I have insufficient experience pertaining to in-game GM operations, I have a resolute ambition and earnest enthusiasm to ascertain, comprehend, and assimilate information quickly; and to translate my knowledge rapidly into efficient and necessary forms of action.

Anything Else We Should Know:
I really want to help your server. To make it grow and fun for everyone, even for the admin  I learn things very fast.

Contacting ways: The best way to contact me is through msn because I'm online every day. Email:

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