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Post  phadukin on Sat Jan 30, 2010 1:23 pm

Name : Nabeel

IGN : Once I make it, It will be ~ XSpark

Age : 14

Gender : Male

Location : GMT + 0 - England

Why should we pick you? : I think you should pick me because I have a fair amount of knowledge about being a GM. I know commands / ID's / I know how to control difficult situations. I like welcoming noobs (beginners) to the game and helping them out. If someone asked me "please help me I'm a noob" I wouldn't just ignore them and leave like some people do, I'd just help out. I also like hosting events for people, maybe a few events in a day so people don't die of boredom lol tongue
I'm kind, Helpful, Patient (some people probably thinking, 'Lies') but, trust me. I don't lie either.
I tell jokes and chill out with people, have some fun, help out with any problems.

Are you good at coding? : not really, sorry. I know some people who are though. If you want to know, Pm me.

How will you help the server? : I will help the server, by telling my friends and families, I will tell people on GMS (GlobalMS) on other private servers, which have alot of people, like 200+ lol, Some would definitely join. Altogether, no lies.. I would be able to bring or make em try out this server, about 5-20 people. roughly, maybe more, maybe less. Yea, I know it's not alot. But once we all start voting each 12 hours, and when we get about 100+ votes, there will be like 50+ people on the server. I could help by making or 'Trying' to make banners, videos, etc. I'm not the best artist but I could try helping. I could also help with Ideas like : Events, NPC's, Currencies (meaning like 2bil = a different item, and so on.)

What would you do if someone reported a hacker? : I would simply get into hide (the GM Skill, not darksight as some people think) and just stalk the 'Hacker' for a few mins, If i see him hacking then obviously - Banned. If he's not, I'd ask the reporter, why he reported someone falsely. and would probably make him apologize.

What would you do If the hacker was your friend? : I would do the exact same thing. no matter if it's friend / family / stranger. I would do as I'm supposed to and ban him/her.

What would you do If the hacker was a GM : Well, firstly I'm not sure if GM's can hack, as I've seen in some servers they can and some not. If they could, then no problem. If they couldn't, I'd get a screenshot of them hacking and wait for the admin to come online, because I don't want to ban a GM if they were told they can by the admin/Owner. and I would send the screenshot to him and proceed.

Have you had any experience of being a GM? : Yes, I have been a GM on a few servers, 1 my bro's, 1 mine which didn't go exactly as planned but was ok (deleted now). I've been an Intern (Lower then a GM, Higher then a player) on 1 server which was shut down by Nexon. I am well experienced and could tell you some commands on the spot.

How much time are you willing to give on DuffMs? : I guarantee I will be on 4 hours a day, on weekdays. I am capable of giving 5-6 on weekdays and will try my best to do so.
Weekends : Capable of giving 12 hours Shocked Don't worry I dont play 24/7. I could give atleast 5-8 hours on weekends.

Do you speak English fluently and what other languages do you speak? : I would like to think so, for having over 10 years in school. I can speak abit of french which I'm currently studying and a tiny bit of spanish lol. (Note : I'm not French / Spanish if your wondering) lol!

Any extra information? : Erm, I like sports, Games, Psp Games, XBox 360 Games, PC Games, iPhone Games, I like Chocolate Very Happy I'm not very tall. not fat. I have a sense of humour. Nice relaxed, chilling out person to hand out with. sometimes anger overtakes me Crying or Very sad I'm patient and funny =D

Thats it I guess, Sorry if its quite long lol, ~ Thank you for reading, XSpark ~ bounce <- Don't ask.[i]


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